V/Vavuniya Tamil Madhya M.V (National School)

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Growth of Vavuniya Tamil Madhya Maha Vidyalayam

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school 1

Vavuniya is considered as the head of the Vanni region. Agriculture is an important part of this region. Reverend Father Mr. Arulpiragasam came from Jaffna to Vavuniya cleared the area of Kudiyiruppu and established the "Ceylon Church of Tamil Mixed School" in 1878. After that only all the other schools were started.

Our school started with the name of junior school on 14.09.1933. It was situated at the place along the Mannar Road where Gamini Maha Vidyalaya is situated at the moment. From Grade 01-05 were only there and 22 students with the head master Mr. S.Muththaiah was carrying out the school. It was reorganized on 02.04.1947 and measures Mr. T.Kandappu, Mr. A. Kumarasuwamy, Mr. A.Kanthaiah, Mr. V.Kanthasamy, and Mr. S.Kanpathipillai were functioned as the principals during the intermediate period. It was reorganized in 1948 with Grade-01 to Grade-08 classes. Mr. N.Nadarajah was the head master. During his period this school was raised as the government senior school in 1952. Mr. V.Sinnaththampi functioned as the principal and took keen interest to elevate the standard of the education of the school. On 28th of January 1958, a school with the name of Government Senior school located along Kandy Highway.

It was continuously developed and converted as the Tamil-English Bi-lingual school, and it became a healthy school and the total number of students also increased. It was considered as a famous school in Vavuniya Town. It produced educated good citizens to our society. Mr. W.Samual, Mr. K.Rasanayakam, and Mr. S.R.Ariyaratnam were functioned as principals respectively.

We achieved vast development in education in and after 1971. We obtained best result in public examination and excelled in co-curricular activities. We started G.C.E A/L science classes in the same year. It is not worthy to mention Mr. C.Thevarajah became the Vice principal after that Mr. P.Sivagurunathan, Mr. K.Logasingam led the school successfully. 

Hostel for the students was started in 1978 to facilitate the students who came from far away. Measures Mr. P.Sivagnanam, Mr. S.Kanthaiah, Mrs. T.Sivangnanam and Mr. P.Sivathasan became principals consecutively. After them Mr. K.Logasingam became principal and during his time initiatives were taken for its development. In 1992 our school was raised with a name of "V/VAVUNIYA TAMIL MADHYA MAHA VIDYALAYAM" and it became as the National School in 13.07.1995 and Mr. S.Sivakumaran functioned as the principal. 

school 2

He made morning and evening school session for the studies of the children. In1996 Prize Day was organized in a grant scale. The first publication of "KATHIRALI" and "VINGNANA THEEPAM" were released in 1997 and "VITHYA VINAYAGAR" temple also constructed in the college of compound. Then Mr. I.Rajaratnam took over this school and ranks a school very smoothly and successfully. After that Mr. S.Ulaganathan became principal in 20.01.2004. He was initiating and keen interest in all the spheres of the school like Prize Day, Hindu Temple, Playgrounds, Scoreboard, Children Park and Main hall etc. Standard of the education and dicipline of the students uplifted. They earned the name of the school. Now it is the fore front among the nationalschools in our country. Now our new principal Mr. M.S.Pathmanathan is conducting the school excellently with the help of Deputy and Vice principals. Number on roll is 3000 of students and total number of teachers is 169.

It is a golden period for this school during the administration of our new principal leading the school up to mark from then onwards.

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